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Hip Hip Hurray!


  1. Hip Hip Hurray

We're ready for 2022!

2020 and 2021 were 2 tough years. Bans and restrictions—at times redefined daily—turned the lives of all of us upside down. What hurt us the most: We had to postpone the release of our debut album. We wanted to honor this milestone with a huge party and that is still difficult (as a small solace we at least released a mini CD called Rebels).

All the more we are looking forward to 2022 and we are convinced: This will be the year of Voltage Arc. Because: Our debut album is ready; 3 bombastic music videos are being polished; we have set up a studio in our band room, so that we can continuously record and release new songs; and, after the 2 years of dry spell, we are hot for the stage.

Hip Hip Hurray—a hymn to awesome parties in the new year.

Cheers F*ckers 💥

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