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In Your Face


  1. Tonight

  2. I Am

  3. The Fat Lady Sings

  4. Put Up Your Head

  5. Break Free

  6. Apple Dream

  7. If You Slow Down

  8. fUCK tHE sYSTEM

  9. The Poor Do Call

  10. Backseat

With our debut album «In your Face» we deliver the final punch in the faces of the rock community. The message: Hard rock is still alive. With this, we underpin the statement that we already proclaimed with our EP «"Rebels», released in 2021. The 10-song disc describes how we are hot to make it to the top. The lyrics represent the ethos of rock music: Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll. The riffs and melodies of the record make you feel like rocking out and will leave you hungry for more. More? «No problem», says singer Toni Hörner, «the Voltage Arc kitchen is already bubbling again» – so stay tuned!

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