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Privacy Policy

Voltage Arc takes your privacy seriously and is committed to only collect and use personal data that is necessary. On this page, we explain what data we process, what third-party services we use and what data these providers may collect.

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Voltage Arc
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Data collected by Voltage Arc

When placing orders in the shop

  • Your name
  • E-mail address
  • Postal address
  • Products ordered

When an order is placed in our online shop, the buyer's name, e-mail address and postal address as well as a list of the products ordered are transmitted to us and stored in our database. We use Airtable as our database - for more information, see the section «Data collected by third parties».

We store the email address and the postal address for 2 months in case the product does not arrive at the recipient's address. After 2 months, the email address and postal address will be deleted from Airtable.

When using the contact form

  • Your name
  • E-mail address
  • Message

When you send us a contact enquiry using the form, your name, email address and the message are sent to us by email. Normally, we do not delete our emails in order to be able to track the course of conversations in future interactions. However, we do delete sensitive data that is no longer intended for us (e.g. sensitive data relating to an event that is cancelled).

When signing up for the fan club

  • Your name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Postal address
  • Shirt size
  • Date of birth

We need your e-mail address to correspond with you in a simple way. Using your telephone number, we will invite you to our fan club WhatsApp chat. We use the chat to inform you about upcoming fan club events. We need your postal address so that we can send you invoices and your fan packages. We need your shirt size so that we can deliver your annual fan shirt in the right size. We need your date of birth to congratulate you on your birthday.

The data will be stored for as long as a person is a member of the fan club. If you leave the club, the data will be deleted completely and immediately.

Data collected by third parties


We use Airtable as our database. In this database we store a list of all fan club members as well as a list of purchases made via our online shop.

The operators of Airtable do not access the stored data unless there is a justified reason. For information on when a justified reason exists, please refer to point 2a of Airtable's privacy policy.

Data that is deleted in Airtable remains stored as a snapshot for 2 weeks and can be restored during this period if necessary. After 2 weeks, the data will be deleted.


We use Stripe to process payments. Stripe may collect personal data including via cookies and similar technologies. The personal data Stripe collects may include transactional data and identifying information about devices that connect to its services. Stripe uses this information to operate and improve the services it provides to us, including for fraud detection, loss prevention, authentication, and analytics related to the performance of its services. Learn more about Stripe's privacy policy.


This site is hosted on Vercel. This means that every page view of and subpages is processed by Vercel. Vercel can access and store certain personal data such as the IP address of site visitors. Retrieving and storing the IP address helps Vercel to prevent misuse (e.g. denial-of-service attacks).

Vercel's analytics service is DISABLED for

Further information can be found in Vercel's privacy policy under «Information We Process on Behalf of Our Customers».


Certain content such as photos and videos on this website are provided by Prismic. Prismic has access to the IP address of site visitors and can save it. Retrieving and storing the IP address helps Prismic to prevent misuse (e.g. denial-of-service attacks).


This website can display videos from YouTube. We ask for your consent before displaying videos from YouTube. This is done by displaying the following message: «When you watch this video you accept the Google Privacy Terms.».

You have the option to hide this information in future by selecting «Don't ask again» before clicking on «Ok». If you select «Don't ask again», we will save your selection locally on your device (with localStorage).

Once you click on «Ok», the video will be loaded. At this point, YouTube can collect data about you.

We use YouTube's «privacy-enhanced mode» to limit the data that YouTube can collect about you.

You can find more details about the data that may be collected in Google's privacy policy.