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Rock Hard, Wear Fair!

One thing has been clear to us from the very beginning, if merch, then it has to be right: T-shirts have to look great, be of high quality and be produced fairly. That's why we choose our T-shirt production partners carefully.

The raw material has to be right!

Our T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. The fabric is «OEKO-TEX 100» certified and therefore has a minimal impact on the environment. Our T-shirt suppliers «Stanley/Stella» are also members of «Fairwear». They are committed to fair working conditions for textile manufacturers.

The print has to be STELLAR!

The team from «EINFACH.SIEBDRUCK» gives the blanks the right look. With their Swiss Made screen printing, the print lasts and looks really cool on top.

Discover our merchandise

  • «Sextasy» T-Shirt, unisex

    CHF 30 · S – XXXL

  • «In Your Face» T-Shirt, unisex

    CHF 30 · S – XXL

  • Voltage Arc T-Shirt, unisex

    CHF 30 · S – XXXL